Air hostess separates mother and baby after slap

Southwest Airlines attendant takes action after crying child slapped.
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A female passenger was separated from her crying child on a Southwest Airlines flight, after she slapped the baby in frustration, it has been reported.

An air hostess took action on the Dallas to Albuquerque flight and later told police officials at the airport that she removed the 13-month-old after she was slapped by her mother, and other passengers complained.

Airport spokesman Daniel Jiron told Associated Press that paramedics checked the baby when the flight landed on Monday.

Aviation police returned the child to her parents after speaking to the couple, the flight attendant and other witnesses. The parents were not cited.

Aviation police chief Marshall Katz says authorities felt it was an isolated incident and the attendant's decision to hold the child neutralised the situation.

When Albuquerque police officer Dana Baldwin asked the mom about the slapping after the flight, she told her, "I haven't done anything wrong with my child. I popped her when she kicked me and that was it."

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