Emirates faces legal action from Iran filmmakers

Dubai-based airline has 'illegally screened' films, claim producers.
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Emirates is facing legal action from two Iranian film producers, who claim the Dubai-based airline has ‘illegally screened’ their films as part of its in-flight entertainment.

According to a report in the Tehran Times, Manuchehr Mohammadi’s “M for Mother” is currently on the Emirates in-flight movie list and Gholamreza Musavi’s “Red” was previously on it.

“I have recently been informed about the screening of ‘M for Mother’ by Emirates airline, while neither the airline nor any other related company has a contract with us,” Mohammadi was quoted as saying in the newspaper.

“The movie is being shown illegally and we have the legal right to pursue this issue,” he added.

The producer is planning to write a letter to Emirates and request an explanation, although he has also made arrangements for legal action.

Meanwhile, Tehran Times states Gholamreza Musavi also sent a letter to the Emirates office in Tehran about three weeks ago.

He has threatened to ask the attorney of Iran’s Supreme Council of Producers to file a lawsuit against Emirates, if he receives no compelling response from the airline’s office.

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