Traffic chaos after sinkhole opens up in Kuwait

Sanitary drainage works are suspected to have caused the sinkhole.


Sanitary drainage works taking place underneath a road in Kuwait are suspected to have caused the massive sinkhole that obstructed traffic flow in the country earlier this week.

The Ministry of Public Works is currently cooperating with the Ministry of Interior to find out the cause of the sinkhole, which occurred on the sixth ring road next to Amghara bridge and towards Al-Jahra City.

The new sanitary drainage line, which is part of the Ministry's plan for upgrading the health sanitary drainage systems in the region, is being laid at the site of the incident, extending from Al-Jahra station to Kabd station.

The Ministry’s of Public Works’ head of engineering Mahmoud Karam told Kuwait News Agency that the sinkhole most probably occurred due to a break in the tunneling machine being used to lay sanitary drainage line underneath the road.

He added that a report was being prepared as quickly as possible to establish the exact reason for the land depression, as well as to determine the amount of damage caused to the area.

As part of the investigation, the Ministry’s engineering team will be examining whether the big water pipeline affected by the land cavity is supplying fresh water to the region, in the hopes of helping devise a plan to address the damage.

The Kuwait sinkhole follows a similar incident in Guatemala earlier this year, when an enormous 200ft sinkhole swallowed an entire clothing factory.

Until a final report has been produced, the Ministry of Public Works promised to make traffic shifts on the sixth ring road to ensure the safety of road users and pedestrians.

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