Saudi Arabian Airlines to push passengers online

Only three percent of sales are made through internet at present.
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Saudi Arabia Airlines has announced a marketing campaign to increase the number of passengers booking their tickets online.

At the moment, only three percent of sales are done through the website, according to Mohammed Yousuf Jan, general manager of the airline’s call centre.

The campaign will focus on boosting this figure and encouraging passengers to also select their seats and receive their boarding passes through the internet.

“We expect that 25 percent of sales would take place through the website by the year 2013,” Jan told Arab News.

“Our website is much developed now and you can do your booking, get your ticket and your boarding pass within five minutes, especially for domestic flights. They need not call us if there are no seats available on the website,” he added.

By the end of May 2010, 1.89 million reservations were made through the Saudi Arabian Airlines website.

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