UAE authorities appeal for safe driving at Ramadan

RTA launches traffic campaign to coincide with the Holy Month.


The RTA has launched a new safety campaign to educate drivers in Dubai about the importance of road safety during the holy month of Ramadan.

The number of traffic accidents can increase during Ramadan said Hussain Al Banna, director of traffic at the RTA and extra vigilance is advised for all motorists.

2009 saw 239 reported traffic accidents and 16 fatalities during Ramadan. Although this was a 20 per cent reduction on the previous year Al Banna is hoping the record can be improved further.

Speaking to the media, Al Banna said: “We hope not to have any traffic mortality this Ramadan, particularly noting that Ramadan this year coincides with the summer where many families are still having their annual vacations abroad."

The new campaign, titled Accepted Fasting & Safe Roads, will be supported with a cross media advertising campaign both in print and online.

Changes in lifestyle, diet and sleeping patterns are believed to be a key cause for the increase in traffic accidents with the time immediately before iftar being particularly dangerous.

Al Banna said: "The afternoon period, which witnesses the end of the working hours in many public and private institutions, accounts for the biggest share of traffic accidents and fatalities compared to other hours of the day."

Statistics reveal that the afternoon, between 1pm and 3pmm accounts for 18% of the accidents recorded during the day.

The RTA is calling on all drivers to pay particular attention to stopping distances and road awareness to limit the danger on the roads.

“The change in the sleeping and working habits impairs the focusing ability of fasting motorists. This is clearly manifested in the time of returning home where concentration drops to the minimum, thus impacting the ability of drivers to take appropriate decisions in time.

Motorists need to exercise more caution when travelling from and to their homes to avoid traffic accidents,” advised Al Banna.

He also asked fasting muslims to stop at the nearest petrol station at the first available moment to break fast and take on small amounts of water and dates.

The campaign is being run in conjunction with Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC).

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