VIDEO: Lufthansa pillow fight filmed by passenger

Watch the amateur video that became surprise YouTube hit for airline.
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After experiencing a string of technical problems with its aircraft in the past week – including engine problems with its Airbus A380 on a Tokyo-Frankfurt flight and a cracked windshield with its A320 on a Helsinki-Frankfurt flight – Lufthansa has been offered some much-needed light relief with a surprise hit video on YouTube.

The 42-second clip, which was filmed on a mobile phone by a Lufthansa passenger, shows French tourists being handed pillows by a German air hostess. However, when they start throwing them back at her, a pillow fight begins, much to the delight of passengers.

Titled "The endless dispute between the French and the Germans" on YouTube, it has received hundreds of thousands of hits.

One viewer commented: "If this happened on a US flight, the plane would have returned to the terminal and everyone on board would have been dragged off to jail. Fun is NOT tolerated on US flights!"

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