Nile Cargo receives two new eco-friendly barges

Egyptian forwarder says it will acquire "more than 100" new units.


Nile Cargo announced that it has taken delivery of the first two environmentally friendly river barges. These two will augment the company’s existing fleet of 31 reconditioned vessels.

The two vessels were delivered on Tuesday by the Alexandria Shipyard, which is building 30 of the new river barges ordered by Nile Cargo.

A further 32 of the contracted barges are being built in the first phase by Arab Contractors Shipyards in Helwan, south of Cairo.

“The barges’ 100 m hulls, compared to the existing 50 m hulls presently in use, allow Nile Cargo to double its capacity, while the efficient and environmentally considered design allows us to dramatically cut per-unit shipping costs, while producing lower levels of emissions compared to road transportation,” said General Maged Farag, chairman of the National Company for Multimodal Transport (NMT).

“It is truly exciting to begin operating these barges in the vital river-transport sector. We have worked with leading design consultants to conceive world-class river transport vehicles that are versatile, efficient and specifically created to navigate local conditions.”

NMT is a Nile Logistics holding company for Nile Cargo (previously known as National River Transportation Company) and National River Port Management Company (NRPMC), in addition to its other investments in the transportation, storage and stevedoring services.

Nile Cargo’s fleet of barges, which will ultimately reach 135 vessels (31 refurbished plus 104 newly commissioned vessels), will be capable of carrying all types of dry bulk goods as well as containers.

The new 100-metre barges will have a carrying capacity of 1,500-1,600 tonnes or 92 TEUs (capacity of one shipping container) per barge.

“It is always gratifying when the most compelling business case also turns out to be best for the environment and, indeed, the nation,” said Hisham El-Khazindar, managing director and co-founder of Nile Cargo's parent company, Citadel Capital.

'Today, around 95 per cent of Egypt’s freight traffic is hauled on highways, with the result being excessive emissions and highway safety issues, to say the least,' he remarked.

'With each barge taking on the cargo of up to 50 transport trucks, Nile Cargo will offer not just a greener, more fuel efficient solution, but a solution that will help ease safety concerns on the nation’s highways as it captures more and more market share,” he added.

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