ENOC secures patent for transferring jet fuel

Company says it will license method to gain additional revenues.
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ENOC has been granted a United States patent for preserving the quality of jet fuel during transit. The patent is also the first-ever for the company. As a new process in petroleum processing, ENOC’s approach ensures that the quality of ‘merox treated’ jet fuel is not allowed to deteriorate while it is transferred from one tank to another until it reaches the aircraft’s fuel tanks.

Transferring of ‘meroxed’ jet fuel from refinery to terminals through tank transfers has been a cause of quality concerns in the supply chain logistics of petroleum industry. The new process which took more than 4 years to develop, included installing special clean up filters at the EIL Terminal in Jebel Ali, which helped maintain the quality of jet fuel when it was moved from the refinery to Dubai airport.

Tayyeb Al Mulla, chief executive of international refining and marketing, ENOC said: Our first patent represents a major advance and is a contribution of ENOC to the industry. Our new process addresses a concern that is being faced by the global petroleum industry for years. “

According to Al Mulla, ENOC is looking to utilise the benefits of this patent to generate additional revenue and profits in the long run. “Through these patents we can license our methods to others in the industry and gain additional revenues which will benefit ENOC over a period of time.“

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