Dubai Airport considers "one-stop" check-in system

Siemens AG to trial processing system at Al Maktoum International.
NEWS, Aviation


Dubai Airports is considering using the “one stop” processing system at its Al Maktoum International Airport to get travelers in and out of the aircraft more quickly.

Siemens AG technology, which has been trialed by the operator, allows passengers to pass through check in, customs, immigration and security in one place, Bloomberg reported.

Travelers usually go to different parts of an airport for each of these steps at present.

“It’s out there, it just needs to be driven forward," James Robinson, head of strategic planning at Dubai Airports said at a conference in Sydney.

Dubai World Central Al Maktoum International, which is set to become the world’s largest airport, began handling cargo flights in June, with passenger services scheduled to start in March 2011.

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