Agility confirms US prosecutors move for dismissal

Accused of overcharging US military, company seeks to clear its name.


Agility, formerly Public Warehousing Co, K.S.C. (PWC) was dropped from supplying food to the US Army in Iraq, Kuwait and Jordan after being accused of overcharging the military.

The company held contracts worth US$8.5 billion spanning more than three years.

"Further to the Kuwait Stock Exchange release dated July 27 2010, we are writing to confirm that United States Attorney's Office in Atlanta moved to dismiss the indictment against Agility 'Holdings', an Agility Public Warehousing Company KSC subsidiary," the company said in a statement.

Agility has said it is still negotiating a settlement with the US government, but it is not clear if it could lead to lifting the ban on bidding for any new contracts.

Currently, two companies are keen to grab the work, including Kuwaiti logistics firm KGL,and Dubai-based ANHAM FZCO LLC, having already won a contract.


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