Kuwait finalises preparations on port development

Ministry of Public Works gives green light to US$1.3 billion project.
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The Kuwaiti Ministry of Public Works has announced preparations to launch the third stage of phase one of the Mubarak Al-Kabeer port development project.

The stage is scheduled to begin at the start of next year, announced the head of the advisory studies division of the major projects department, Sorour Al-Otaibi yesterday.

The third stage of the project includes expanding the water basin and the naval channel to allow larger ships to pass through in addition to establishing facilities for the ports' operation. The estimated cost for the project is around US$ 1.3 billion.

The project, located on the east coast of Boubyan Island, is considered one of the largest development projects to be carried out in Kuwait. It falls under a set of projects that will carry out economic, housing, touristic and environmental developments.

Al-Otaibi stressed that the department is coordinating with several environmental bodies in Kuwait in order to maintain the safety of the island's marine environment, as well as the environment inland.

He noted that about 60 percent of the island's area will be allocated a natural reserve in order to protect its distinguished wildlife.

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