BA Rejects Unite Union 'Human Rights' Claims

It was clear that any staff that went on strike would lose perks.
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Quite what the Unite union will achieve by taking legal action remains a mystery – British Airways had made it abundantly clear that any staff that went on strike would lose perks.

And that’s exactly what the British Airways management team did – they withdrew staff travel concessions and now the union somehow ties their removal as being in breach of human rights laws.

Utter nonsense.

British Airways had given ample warning, several times over in fact through a multitude of channels that staff who chose to walk off the job would lose travel discounts. So on their head be it – the Unite union hasn’t the financial muscle to drag this dispute on much longer and this sidetracked issue of human rights is laughable.

What about the human rights of the passengers who were wholly inconvenienced by the strike action of Unite’s cabin crew?

The Unite union has come to learn the hard way that airline management is unlikely to step back from their hardened position – threatening legal action is hardly conducive to getting a final agreement in place and its clear that the union leadership has lost the plot and have less than zero credibility.

British Airways should and will defend its position - which was enacted in full legal compliance and they know that they have the support of the flying public whereas the union and its lemming-like members do not.

This column was written by FBE Aerospace analyst Saj Ahmad, the views expressed are his own.

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