Traffic jams save lives says Kuwait expert

Congestion is a potential reason for improved road safety in Kuwait.


A reduction in the number of serious injuries on Kuwait City’s congested roads is due to a rise in congestion, according to one expert.

Adel Buta iban, secretary of the Kuwait Society for Traffic Safety believes the average speed has reduced to the point where drivers are less likely to pile into each other in the city.

However, he says the problem of people being injured while jaywalking remains.

"If you build one bridge, six-metres high, at a distance of every one kilometre and expect people to walk all the way to it, and climb it to cross the road you will be mistaken," he explained to the daily Kuwait Times, adding that better design and more construction will make the roads a safer place.

"[We should] shade these bridges by air-conditioning them, and introduce escalators so that people do not feel lazy to go up. This way, you will attract more people to comply with the law. It has to be attractive; otherwise people will simply not do it,” he added.

Mr. Adel’s comments were made ahead of the publication of a new report which highlights the need to modernise the nation's road network and to educate all road users about safety.

All transport in the country goes by road, though there are distant plans to construct a rail freight network as well as a light rail passenger system.

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