Gulf Air celebrates first all-Bahraini female crew

Bahraini female cabin crew get their 'wings' in graduation ceremony.
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Gulf Air made history last week when the first group of Bahraini female cabin crew received their ‘wings’ in a graduation ceremony at the Gulf Hotel attended by family members of the graduates, Gulf Air Senior Management and representatives from Tamkeen.

The girls were the first group to graduate from a joint-initiative run by the airline and Tamkeen to encourage more Bahrainis, particularly females, to join the national carrier in key customer-facing positions such as flight crew by offering flexible scheduling benefits.

“Today is a proud day for Bahrain and Gulf Air, the country has eight new ambassadors and the airline has eight new cabin crew. Cabin crew are the face of Gulf Air as they hold one of the most important positions in the company that set the standards of service we offer our customers. The induction of Bahraini cabin crew underpins one of the key components of our new strategy of providing passengers with warm and friendly traditional Arabian hospitality on which Gulf Air’s reputation is built. And who could be better at this, than our national workforce, who intrinsically understands our core values and ethos," said Gulf Air Chief Executive Officer Samer Majali.

“When we launched this programme there was some scepticism about how successful it would be and I am delighted to report we have been inundated with applicants. This is the first of many groups and I am hopeful that by the end of the year we can increase the number of Bahraini cabin crew significantly. We are committed to increasing the Bahrainisation levels across the company. Currently the company’s overall Bahrainisation level in Bahrain 52% while 79% of the airline’s senior and middle management positions are held by Bahrainis. These statistics reinforce Gulf Air’s leadership position amongst its regional competitors in nationalising its workforce.”

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