Emirates utilises Dubai Metro for check-in kiosks

Airline's decision follows luggage rethink on Dubai Metro trains.
Emirates airline, NEWS


Emirates has confirmed the introduction of its self-service check-in kiosks at three Dubai Metro stations.

As a result, the airline's customers can check-in, select their seats, print their own boarding pass and travel directly to Emirates Terminal 3 on the metro using the kiosks, which are located at Mall of the Emirates, Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall and Financial Centre metro stations on the Red line.

Mohammed H Mattar, Emirates' divisional senior vice president, Airport Services said: “Emirates is always looking at ways to add value and enhance the travel experience of our customers. Self-service check-in kiosks at some of Dubai's metro stations are an innovation that will allow Emirates' customers the convenience to access their boarding pass before they get to the airport.”

Mr. Mattar continued: “Emirates’ Airport Services team constantly challenges itself to find new ways to improve efficiencies and ensure passengers enjoy a stress-free travel experience and the high quality service for which Emirates is renowned.”

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) regulations state that passengers are allowed to carry up to two luggage pieces each on the metro, provided the first piece does not exceed the size specification of 81cm in width, 58cm in height and 30cm in depth, and the second not larger than 55cm in width, 38cm in height and 20cm in depth. While passengers are required to manage their own luggage on the metro, upon arrival at the airport, those carrying only hand-luggage can proceed directly to immigration, while passengers with baggage can check-in their luggage at dedicated Baggage Drop counters.

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