UAE to open CNG vehicle conversion centre

Emirates Transport centre will convert vehicles to run on CNG.


UAE government-owned Emirates Transport (ET) will operate an advanced centre for converting vehicles to run on compressed natural gas (CNG), by mid-August.

The move to a more environmentally clean alternative to fuel was part of the company's plan to provide "safe, eco-friendly transport modes", Mohammed Abdullah Al Jarman, director general of Emirates Transport, said.

Emirates Transport is also operating three conversion centres established by ADNOC Distribution, news agency WAM reported.

Al Jarman told WAM that the company has hired world technicians, suppliers and manufacturers adopting international high quality standards to secure spare parts for the conversion centre.

Maher Al Rufaie, acting director of the centre, told WAM: "ET is committed to enforce an eco-friendly transport system in line with the federal government policies."

Worldwide, there were 11.2 million natural gas vehicles by 2009, led by Pakistan with 2.4 million, Argentina (1.8 million), Iran (1.7 million), Brazil (1.6 million), and India (725,000).

Egypt is a top 10 country in the world with more than 128,754 CNG vehicles and 124 fueling stations nationwide.

Emirates Transport, which was established in 1981, is the trade name of Emirates General Transport and Services Corporation, which is fully owned by the UAE Federal Government and operates under an independent budget.

Emirates Transport's main activity is school transportation, and provides daily transport services for students to and from school.

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