Too Late, Many Have Already Written Off CSeries

The fact is the CSeries was a failure at the Farnborough Airshow.
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Bombardier has for months conveniently “blamed” the recession as the reason behind the lack of interest behind the CSeries. It may as well have gone the whole hog and blamed the price of bread and even the BP oil spill as contributory factors as well if it needed scapegoats.

The reality is much different and more recently the company finally admitted that the real reason for the feigned interest is because airlines are interested in what Airbus and Boeing offer in relation to updated A320s and 737s.

In the six long years the CSeries has been around, its market rejection has been even more fatal than that of the equally market rejected disaster that is the Airbus A380.

Of the orders the CSeries will find, there will not be a single airline anywhere that today which operates the A320/737 fleets who will churn them over in full for the Bombardier effort. There may be dual operations at a carrier with CSeries and/or A320/737, but the CSeries won’t be the incumbent ahead of the A320 or 737 (or their eventual replacements).

The last true victor in this segment was the 737 family (comprising the 737-100, 737-200 & 737-300) which combined secured over 2,200 orders and deliveries over a production run of 32 years. By that metric alone, the CSeries is way, way behind. Six years after launch, the 737 family had amassed some 263 orders with 241 deliveries across three variants. Even the Airbus A320 managed 132 deliveries in the first six years since its launch.

Contrast that with the CSeries – six years after twice being (re)launched, no deliveries, two variants and two thirds of their customer base refuses to take delivery of the first example.


Perhaps the Canadian press would be so kind as to tell us where all this “market traction” for this PowerPoint Jet actually is?

Or is that in slide form too?

This column was written by FBE Aerospace analyst Saj Ahmad, the views expressed are his own.

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