Woman locked in storage unit for 63 days

Survived on juice and canned foods, $100,000 awarded in lawsuit.


An American woman has taken legal action against a warehouse operator, after claiming she was trapped in a self storage unit for 63 days.

44-year old Wanda Hudson, who survived for two months on juice and canned foods, sued Parkway Storage in Alabama and was awarded US$100,000. The amount was less than the $10 million she was seeking.

Hudson was vague about why she was in the storage unit so late on 7th November, and denied she heard the metal door close. Parkway's attorney, Burt Taylor, suggested she was sleeping and, furthermore, that she had been living in the unit. She denied Taylor's supposition.

Hudson had lost her home because of foreclosure shortly before this incident took place.

The company argued that during those two months that Hudson claims to have been locked in the unit, customers renting nearby units never heard her trying to get help. Hudson claimed that she did yell out multiple times when she heard other renters, but no one ever responded.

When she was discovered on January 9, 2002, she weighed 85 pounds, having weighed 150 when she entered it. She was admitted to a local hospital immediately and treated for "advanced starvation, unusual to find in medical circumstances in America today," said Dr. William Asher, who studied her case at the hospital.

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