Air Charter International goes Bollywood

Middle East-based company handled A-list travel for IIFAs.
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Air Charter International, an aviation solutions provider based in the Middle East and primarily servicing Asia, Arabia, Australasia and Africa has delivered a service to the stars for this year's IIFA event.

The International Indian Film Academy's Weekend and Awards are a celebration of Indian Cinema. Previously held in countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Holland, Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom, this year's 2010 IIFA event was held in India's neighboring country Sri Lanka. A showcase of Bollywood stars, upcoming talent and an opportunity for the public to mingle with the celebrities.

With this influx of A-list Indian and international celebrities over the weekend of the event, scheduled airlines, tourism authorities and travel agents found themselves short of sufficient business and first class seats for all these guests. Consequently they approached Air Charter International to source and tailor a solution to ensure they travel in the style and comfort they have become accustomed to.

An MD83 VIP aircraft configured with sixty business class seats was sourced and positioned from Europe to perform a series of charters for the two hundred and forty guests between Bombay and Colombo before and after the event. Despite some initial controversy over the location of the event the IIFA ensured this was overshadowed by musical spectacle, elaborate dance, designer dresses and plethora of prestigious awards.

Air Charter International's commercial sales manager Claire Brugirard states: "we were pleased and honored to provide assistance for this spectacular event. Our team did a great job in sourcing a suitable aircraft for the charter and supporting the event from A to Z. We also would like to thank our partners for their fantastic performance and support and look forward to next year's event".

IIFA 2011 is to be held in Canada. Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan conveyed this message over pre-recored video. "IIFA has moved forward and has over the time brought people from different cultures and races together on a global stage. It bridges countries, nations, businesses, communities and cinemas and this is our wish too for IIFA, Toronto 2011. As the IIFA brand ambassador, I pledge my complete support to the IIFA celebration and do look for a greener IIFA 2011."

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