Safi Airways to expand Airbus A320 fleet

More aircraft needed as Afghanistan airline makes operational profit.
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Safi Airways has announced plans to increase its fleet with the acquisition of two Airbus A320s, which will be liveried in the Afghanistan airline’s new corporate branding.

"We have worked hard to achieve the turnaround for Safi Airways during 2009 and we achieved our goal. The airline has now had several months making a small operational profit and March onwards looks even more promising,” commented Rahim Safi, chairman of Safi Airways.

“Looking forward we see the need to put newer aircraft into service, so we will introduce the A320s to our fleet as of late June 2010. This will enable us to improve passenger convenience and utilise the crew and maintenance commonality advantages of having an A320/A340 fleet,” he added.

Safi Airways is currently in the selection process for dry-leasing one A320, with an acquisition of the second unit planned for later in the year.

The airline has a policy to only introduce young aircraft (between 10 and 13 years of age), fully refurbished before going into service, according to Werner Borchert, executive vice chairman of Safi Airways.

“Passengers will be thrilled by the brand new interior and the business class seats on these aircraft will be outstanding” he said. “We want to make it clear that we are a young airline with aspirations. We are also a bilingual airline, proud of our Afghan heritage, so the Dari language is a key element of the logo.”