Review: New Landoll VNA Bendi B40VAC

A look at the latest AC-powered forklift from Landoll.
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Landoll Corporation has announced the introduction of its new AC Powered 4 Wheel 4,000lb (1,818kg) capacity VNA Bendi, Model B40VAC, which is an addition to the 4 wheel Bendi line and has the aisle performance characteristics of the 3 wheel B3/30AC model but with greater capacity. A 32” wide (813mm) wide front axle and slim line 3 stage mast make this model able to stack from 72” (1.8M) aisles with a 48” x 40” (1200mm x 1000mm) load. All the high performance characteristics of our rear drive 4 wheel models including 15% gradeability, faster travel speeds and greater power efficiency are standard on this model.


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