British Airways Faces Another Union Battle

After Icelandic volcano headache, BA has more staff issues to fix.
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For British Airways, 2010 so far has proven to be a disastrous year, none of which is its own fault.

Lord Adonis’ lame PR statements about safety whilst ignoring the realities of the airlines who fly airplanes was rejected as passengers lay stranded for a week didn’t help British Airways but the prospect of further industrial walkouts by an already displaced cabin crew will push the airline to the brink.

This is not Japan Airlines where a Government bailout will arrive. This is not the failed United Airlines or US Airways who copiously run to Chapter 11 at every chance of asking.

British Airways is on death row – management know it, but the mob running the union seem to be oblivious to the financial perils. British Airways said that it was losing around £20m a day due to the grounding of its fleet – the real cost is likely to be far higher.

The airline simply cannot bleed any more.

Willie Walsh made an impassioned defence for getting the airline flying, now he has to make another defence for the airline by rooting out the union militancy once and for all. Its not that he can’t or won’t do it - British Airways indeed wants a mutually acceptable agreement with its staff to ensure they keep the best and jettison the worst.

However, pandering to talks whilst the union preps its lemming members to strike again is simply unacceptable.

British Airways needs to end talks until such time the union leadership is prepared to sit down, negotiate and discuss matters without blowing the useless trumpet of strike action each time it throws its toys out of the pram.

Unions remain a cancer for British Airways and it’s about time they remedied this ailment once and for all.

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