Air Arabia makes emergency landing in Karachi

Plane forced to make landing after suspected fire in cargo hold.
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An Air Arabia flight had to make an emergency landing at Pakistan’s Karachi airport after fears a fire had broken out in the cargo hold.

The plane, carrying at least 155 passengers and crew, was flying from Sharjah to Chittagang in Bangladesh when the pilot received an indication from the smoke detector there was a fire in the cargo section.

He sought an immediate emergency landing at Jinnah International Airport and once safely landed all passengers were evacuated.

A statement from Air Arabia said: “Flight G9521 on April 25, 2010, departed from Sharjah International Airport at 09:25 UTC destined for Chittagong, Bangladesh, and was diverted to Karachi Airport approximately two hours after takeoff due to a smoke detector fault in the cargo cabin.

“This diversion was carried out in line with international best practice safety standards, and the aircraft was held briefly at Karachi Airport to carry out a regular safety check and then shortly departed to Chittagong.

“Air Arabia regrets any inconvenience caused to its passengers and assures them that the safety of its passengers remains the company’s highest priority.”

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