Gulf Air rescues its passengers stranded in Europe

All stranded passengers in Bahrain have been sent home.
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Gulf Air is operating as many as 10 extra flights to transport its passengers, who have been stranded in other airports due to the closure of European airspace caused by the Icelandic volcano ash cloud.

On Thursday April 22, Gulf Air will be operating a flight between Bahrain, Kathmandu and London Heathrow to transport passengers waiting in Nepal’s capital.

On Friday April 23, another flight will be operated between Bahrain, Kathmandu and Paris Charles De Gaulle airport.

On the same day the national carrier will be operating one more return flight between Bahrain and Frankfurt.

Gulf Air CEO Samer Majali commented: “Our team, drawn from operations, network, airports and others departments, has been working tirelessly ever since the situation has arisen, to take care of the passengers wherever they were stuck and ensure alternate arrangements are made to fly them safely and smoothly as they waited for the airspace to reopen; they have done a great job.”

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