Chapman Freeborn jumps on cargo crisis

Charter firm says backlog of flights puts industry under pressure.
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Chapman Freeborn is preparing to cash in on the air travel chaos created by the Icelandic volcano, reporting that it has seen an eruption in demand for charters since the natural disaster began.

“There is suddenly a large number of charter requests to destinations where there is normally ample scheduled capacity – for example flights from Europe to US hubs like New York and Chicago” it said in a statement on April 20.

“Forwarders and shippers have been requesting and booking flights using airports anywhere in mainland Europe (e.g. Spain, Bulgaria etc), even if it means trucking freight far longer distances than would usually be considered.”

In terms of the types of freight, Chapman Freeborn said it was seeing requests for pretty much everything - general cargo, automotive cargo, oil and gas pieces and perishables.

“There is going to be a huge backlog and high demand for charters even when airspace reopens - including freight like perishables and other time-sensitive cargo,” the statement continued.

“However, freighter aircraft availability is going to be a major issue. There was limited capacity prior to these events, so clearing the backlog quickly is going to be a challenge for the industry.

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