flydubai Expansion Continues Unabated

flydubai takes aim at an underserved Kabul and Luxor.
FBE Aerospace analyst Saj Ahmad
FBE Aerospace analyst Saj Ahmad


Over the last decade, we’ve been accustomed to seeing the phenomenal and breathtaking growth in Emirates, yet the expansion that flydubai has undergone is frightening for regional and low cost competitors.

This syndrome will get worse for weaker rivals, not least because flydubai has plenty more airplanes to induct and also because it operates with the lowest cost base in the region while being shielded by the Dubai ruling elite.

What is most interesting about flyfubai is that there’s a good chance its growth will lead further pressure on Air Arabia. Air Arabia’s expansion has been cautious but it will have to consider asking Airbus to bring forward some of its A320 deliveries if it aims to outmanoeuvre its rival.

For all the success Air Arabia has garnered in the last few years – it could be undone with flydubai’s continued grasp, reach and desire to serve more markets.

Critically, flydubai being able to operate from the new Dubai World Central Al Maktoum International Airport will allow the carrier to benefit from no competition, little congestion and a pick of slots to suit its network.

Rivals should be very afraid – flydubai is an innovative and aggressive entity – but one that passengers continue to enjoy as the network grows.

This column was written by FBE Aerospace analyst Saj Ahmad.

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