Emirates losing $10 million a day from disruptions

Ongoing volcanic ash disruption has already cost Emirates $50 million.
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The ongoing volcanic ash disruption has already cost Emirates $50 million, the airline has confirmed.

Emirates is losing revenue from 18,000 passengers a day as airspace across the UK and much of Europe remains closed. Around 30 Emirates aircraft are grounded – equivalent to one fifth of the fleet.

To date, over 80,000 passengers have been impacted by the ongoing disruption.

“The scale of this crisis is unlike anything I have experienced in my career. The longer it continues, the more complex the recovery process becomes. Like every carrier operating to Europe, Emirates is facing huge losses – $10 million a day in our case," stated Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airline.

“These are losses which are coming straight out of our own pocket. But despite this not being a crisis of our own making, we are doing everything possible to minimise the impact on our customers. This is why Emirates will continue to provide hotel accommodation for all passengers who were in transit in Dubai when the disruption began. We will also do everything we can to get our operation moving quickly once approval to fly has been received. However we estimate it will take around 24 hours to get flight schedules back to normal.”

Currently, Emirates is not accepting passengers for travel to any European destinations excluding Moscow, Athens, Larnaca, Malta and Istanbul until the 20th April.

The airline is providing accommodation and three meals per day for approximately 6,000 passengers who were in transit when the disruption began at a cost of more than $1 million per day.

Customers affected by the disruption can cancel their booking or change their onward destination without charge. Emirates has waived all re-issue and cancellation fees while the crisis is ongoing.

Emirates advises all passengers to check the status of their flight on before leaving for the airport. Passengers are asked not to go to the airport if their flight has been cancelled.

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