Photo Special: Emirates handles flight disruptions

Dubai airport passengers discover news of cancelled Emirates flights.
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Photo Special: Volcano disrupts global air traffic

Emirates Airline has cancelled its early morning flights to London Heathrow and Gatwick as the impact of the Icelandic ash cloud continues to cause misery for tens of thousands of passengers in the Gulf region.

To Saturday, more than 40,000 Emirates passengers have been impacted by the closure of airspace in the UK and most of Europe and thousands are to be stranded with Sunday's UK schedule wiped out and the first cancellations announced for Monday.

THIS PHOTO: A family due to travel back to the UK learn their Emirates flight has been cancelled after a volcanic explosion in Iceland spewed a huge ash cloud into the sky. (ITP Images)

THIS PHOTO: Emirates have cancelled all flights from Dubai to Britain following Home Office and aviation officials' advice. (ITP Images)

THIS PHOTO: Passengers wait in the Emirates Terminal 3 of Dubai airport for further news. (ITP Images)

THIS PHOTO: A passenger speaks to our sister publication Arabian Business. Emirates said it has set aside a dedicated check-in area to look after the requirements of passengers affected by the cancellation of UK flights. (ITP Images)

THIS PHOTO: Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi carrier Etihad confirmed its flights had been hit by the eruption. (ITP Images)

THIS PHOTO: An Emirates spokesperson said the following flights had been cancelled: London Heathrow (EK29/030, EK03/04 and EK05/06), London Gatwick (EK09/10), Manchester (EK17/18 and EK19/20), Newcastle (EK35/36), Birmingham (EK39/40 and EK37/38), Glasgow (EK27/28). (ITP Images)

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