Lufthansa Cargo successfully pilots RFID system

Largest deployment of passive RFID pilot in air cargo industry.
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Lufthansa Cargo and Mojix has successfully completed a pilot deployment of the MOJIX STAR passive Real Time Location System RTLS.

The RFID installation at the Lufthansa Cargo Centre in Frankfurt, Germany is the largest scale pilot application of passive RFID to date in the air cargo industry.

Lufthansa Cargo is testing the innovative technology to locate single cargo shipments, pallets and containers on a realtime basis enabling better control of loading and shipping processes, sustained improvement in efficiency and quality of processes, and reduced costs.

After extensive tests and simulations Lufthansa Cargo will apply this new solution in a set of real processes, to be followed by a fully deployed pilot installation integrated into all real processes of Lufthansa Cargo in Frankfurt.

“Lufthansa Cargo proves again its leadership in deploying innovative technologies,” said Lufthansa Cargo board member operation Karl-Heinz Köpfle. “Our target is to integrate the RFID technology into our handling processes to increase the reliability of loading and transport processes. The tracking of air cargo processes in real-time in large facilities is a real competitive advantage for Lufthansa Cargo. We want to pass these new improvements and benefits of automated RFID based data exchange on to our customers in the near future.”

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