Lufthansa Cargo refuses to carry dogs and cats

Cargo carrier will not transport animals used for experiments.
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Lufthansa Cargo will no longer transport dogs or cats which are intended for use in animal experiments.

The strict conditions were enforced on April 1.

Lufthansa said the ‘IATA Live Animals Regulations’, which also apply in Germany, merely represent minimal conditions for Lufthansa, which are exceeded by internal quality measures.

““Lufthansa Cargo is regarded by its customers worldwide as a highly professional transporter of live animals. Many companies and private individuals place their trust in our services because they know that with us their animals are in the best hands. This should and will continue to be the case in future. The decision to not transport dogs and cats for animal experiments provides a further signal that for us the focus is on the welfare of the animals,” said Axel Heitmann, director of the Competence Centre Animals at Lufthansa Cargo.

For a number of years Lufthansa Cargo has adhered to a self-imposed embargo for the transport of apes, as well as of whales and dolphins, and the carrier operates within the scope of the regulations of the “Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species” (CITES).

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