Pilots hailed for Cathay Pacific emergency landing

Airbus A330 experiences major engine troubles at Hong Kong airport.
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Pilots of a Cathay Pacific flight from Surabaya have been hailed as heroes for safely landing their aircraft at Hong Kong International Airport after it experienced severe engine trouble.

The Airbus A330, which was transporting 309 passengers and 13 crew, had reached its landing approach at the airport when its left-hand engine shut down.

The other engine was functioning, according to a statement from Cathay Pacific, which is working closely with the Civil Aviation Department to investigate the incident.

"Cathay Pacific flight crew are all trained on a regular basis to handle such situations,” stated a spokesperson for the airline, who also confirmed that all four tyres on the left hand side of the aircraft had deflated during landing, while two of the four on the right hand side also deflated.

He said that the tyres were designed to deflate during such high-energy braking to avoid them bursting. Such landings were usually accompanied by smoke or dust as the tyres become warm and deflate.

As a precaution, the passengers and crew were deplaned through the aircraft's evacuation slides.

“Eight passengers suffered injuries and were taken to hospitals accompanied by Cathay Pacific airport staff,” the airline confirmed in its statement. “The aircraft entered into service with Cathay Pacific in 1998 and it had been through all the checks and servicing procedure recommended by its manufacturer, Airbus.”

The spokesman added that all the passengers who had not required hospital treatment had been released from the holding area of the airport, assisted and supported by Cathay Pacific staff. Cathay Pacific staff were also present at Princess Margaret Hospital and Yan Chai Hospital to support the injured passengers and their friends and relatives.

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