DHL issues statement on Bahrain engine blowout

Logistics company reacts to recent incident with its aircraft.


Thousands of passengers were delayed by the temporary closure of Bahrain International Airport yesterday, after the engine of a DHL cargo plane experienced a “blowout” on the runway.

An investigation is expected into the incident, which sources claim was the result of a bird-strike to the Airbus A300’s engine.

“DHL confirms that on April 10, an ACT Airlines A300-B4 cargo aircraft failed to take off from Bahrain Airport due to technical problems. The crew are safe and there is no damage to the freight on board. ACT and DHL are cooperating with the Bahrain Civil Aviation Affairs investigation into the incident," commented a DHL spokesperson.

"The A300-B4 freighter is a reliable aircraft with a good safety track record in cargo operations worldwide. ACT Airlines, our aircraft lease contractor, has a solid maintenance programme and is certified under European regulations. ACT also holds an IATA IOSA Certificate that supports Organizational Safety Compliance and holds ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.”

More than a dozen incoming flights were diverted and several outgoing services delayed as a result of the closure, which lasted around two-and-a-half hours, according to a report in the Gulf Daily News.

An official from Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) confirmed that incoming and outgoing flights resumed at 10am, after debris was cleared from the runway.

"There was oil and metal on the runway after the incident and that took a while to clear. The airport is now normal," he told Gulf Daily News.

Bahrain Airport Company has been urged by local MP Abdulhaleem Murad to conduct a full review of all cargo companies to avoid a repeat incident.

"It is regretful that a 40-year-old aircraft is allowed to operate through the airport without any control," he said. "A worse scenario would have been if the aircraft had fallen after takeoff, causing huge loss of lives.”

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