EgyptAir plane strikes lightpoles at Cairo airport

Typing error blamed for safety incident with Airbus A330.
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EgyptAir passengers faced a three-hour delay at Cairo International Airport this week, after pilots drove their aircraft into two light-poles shortly before take-off.

Approximately 195 passengers were onboard the Airbus A330 when the incident occurred, according to a report in Global Arab Network, although no injuries were reported.

"The accident resulted in minor damage to the left wing of the aircraft," Captain Sameh Hefni, chairman of Egypt's Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA), told reporters.

"A technical team from the Ministry of Civil Aviation is conducting a thorough check of the plane to find out the extent of damage and the reasons behind the accident. An alternative flight was made available for the passengers who are mainly Egyptians after a three-hour delay," he added.

Sources believe the incident was due to a typing error which led the Airbus A330 to enter a parking position that was unsuitable for the aircraft.

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