High speed Dubai to Abu Dhabi rail plan revealed

Union Railway proposes mixed-use freight and passenger network.
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New plans announced by Union Railway include a high-speed rail link between Dubai and Abu Dhabi capable of travelling at speeds of up to 200km per hour, it was reported on Tuesday.

The proposal between the UAE's two main cities is part of Union Railway's vision for the future of travel in the country.

The proposal, which still needs to undergo a feasibility study, would be the only dedicated passenger line in the company’s freight-focused network.

Speaking at the Global Logistics Forum in Abu Dhabi yesterday, Richard Bowker, the chief executive of Union Railway, told The National newspaper that the company had increased the size of its proposed network by 130km to include the possibility of a special passenger service between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

“The driving business case for this rail line is freight, but we are looking at creating a mixed-use network with freight and passenger services, and we also thought it would be a good idea look at the feasibility of direct passenger services,” he told the paper.

Union Railway was established last year to lead plans for a 1,500km rail network across all seven emirates that would primarily carry freight and support industries such as steel, concrete and petrochemicals.

The project is expected to cost between AED30-40 billion and would be opened in phases from about 2013 through to 2017.

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