ACME launches UAE's first Pallet Mole facility

Dubai-based material handling firm commissioned by Jaleel Traders.
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Jaleel Traders, one of UAE's largest food products distributors, has commissioned the country's first Pallet Mole high-density storage system at its new 2000 pallet location cold store at Aweer Fruit & Vegetable Market.

The Pallet Mole system has been designed and installed by ACME to raise standards in floor space utilisation and operator productivity, allowing Jaleel Traders to pick and load a 40' container within 30 minutes.

The system combines the density of drive in racking with the benefits of flow racking and automation, according to Navin Narayan, director of ACME Group.

"The Pallet Mole system, developed by our South African partners Storage Management Systems, is an ideal cost effective solution for customers who require to operate high density multi-SKU logistics facilities like cold stores and food distribution hubs," he commented.

"Unlike other storage system layouts, which require multiple access aisles, the Pallet Mole system only requires aisles for pallet entry and retrieval, making them space efficient. The layout can be designed to go up to 60 pallets deep," he added.

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