Review: Faraone aerial platforms

A new range of aerial platforms for operations at elevated heights.
PRODUCTS, Warehouse technology


SPAN Group, the Dubai-based materials handling specialist, has launched a new range of aerial platforms, which have been designed for operations at elevated work heights.

The platforms, which have been produced in Italy by Faraone, are light in weight and can handle a load capacity of 200kg.

Whether in supermarket lanes, plants, commercial centres or warehouse picking zones, the Faraone aerial platforms are self-propelled and can be self-driven for improved efficiency and increased users’ flexibility.

Practicality and safety are a major design factor: the Faraone aerial platforms can easily be fit inside a van or an elevator. Furthermore, the picking basket can be securely adjusted at any time to ease operations, while the use of stabilizers is an interesting choice when working on unlevelled grounds or elevated heights.

Additional ergonomic options can be integrated to the system according to the model. These include the addition of a tool box or a loading system to facilitate transportation.

All platforms come with a rechargeable battery with long run-time.

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