DTDC opens offices in North East India

DTDC, a major Indian air express & cargo company, is on an expansion drive


 DTDC, a major Indian air express & cargo company, is on an expansion drive, opening offices in new parts of the country and upgrading its existing offices and premises. The company launched its branch offices at Guwahati, Bilaspur, Raipur, Goa and Navi Mumbai during the month of August 2006 and moved into upgraded office space in Indore. DTDC also opened hub offices at Tinsukia, Silchar, Aizwal, Tezpur and Shilong to cover key locations in the North East of India.

Subhasish Chakraborty, the company’s chairman and managing director, said: “DTDC has seen remarkable growth in the courier and cargo industry across the country. There was a need to open new branch offices and hub offices, especially in the North East, to help deliver courier and cargo to their destinations within the shortest period of time.

“We have been committed to our franchisees and customers and this will enhance the value we seek to bring to them. Besides, all our offices being centrally located will enable us to provide our customers quality services, timely delivery and better accessibility.”

DTDC says it aims to ensure better monitoring, control, quality delivery and response to customers in the North East of India. The new offices are equipped with Internet connectivity as well as scanning, tracking and billing systems. Most offices are equipped with their own delivery vehicles, helping to improve delivery times on surface cargo shipments. DTDC hopes to increase the franchisee base in the North-East from 89 to 115 by the end of this financial year.

DTDC has also launched an overnight delivery service from Guwahati to Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. All incoming and outgoing consignments will be delivered within 24 hours in the main business areas of these cities if booked from the DTDC offices before 2 pm.

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