TCS expands its 'flying warehouse'

Courier firm introduces Boeing aircraft to fleet.


TCS Express has expanded its air transport infrastructure, known as ‘Flying Warehouse’, through the induction of a Boeing 737-200 ADV-F Cargo aircraft.

The aircraft, which was chartered last December, gives the courier company an additional cargo capacity of 16,000kg. TCS Express now has eight chartered aircraft flying to eight airports every night that are connected to the United Arab Emirates five days a week.

“With the expanding fleet in our air cargo company named 'Flying Warehouse' and the recent induction of a Boeing 737, we can now fly your warehouse anywhere in the region and soon around the world," said Jamil Janjua, CEO, TCS Express Worldwide.

The 'Flying Warehouse' was introduced in May 2001 with a private charter operator and has since moved onto purchase a single AN-26 aircraft. A second identical vehicle was chartered in 2001 and two years later TCS strengthened infrastructure across all airports. In 2005, two AN-12 aircraft were chartered, each capable of transporting 18 tonnes of cargo.

Alongside a Cessna-402, the AN-26s are used for domestic routes, whilst the AN-12 and the new Boeing 737-200 ADV-F are relied on for international cargo operations. Destinations include Dubai, Muscat, Kabul, Bagram, and Baghdad.

“We are a small company but we have big ambitions, and we pride ourselves on being able to move anything from anywhere to anywhere," said Janjua.

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