Products round-up: RFID forklift, RFID large rigid tag, Gryphon D130 scanner, RW 220, NTA-SB truck, PMC/PAJ pallet


RFID forklift

Intermec and Cascade have teamed up to develop a forklift system that incorporates RFID technology into the vehicle’s infrastructure, replacing today’s cumbersome and ineffi cient bolt-on approach to data collection.

Intermec said improvements include picking and shipping accuracy, enhanced productivity and better vehicle utilisation. The forklifts incorporate dashboard computers positioned for maximum safety and effi ciency, easy-to-reach RFID controls assimilated into the lift’s control mechanisms, wireless real-time location tracking and navigational LEDs for optimal routing.

The system, designed specifi cally for the rugged environment of daily warehouse use, also engineers in a sophisticated cable management system, state-of-the-art wireless scanning capabilities and a built-in camera for cargo documentation.

Both companies could not comment as to when the forklift will be available or its product name.

RFID large rigid tag

Intermec has introduced a reusable, ruggedised RFID (radio frequency identification) tag, capable of withstanding temperature extremes and hazardous exposures common in manufacturing and material handling operations. The new Intermec RFID Large Rigid Tag, available immediately in EPCglobal Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6B versions for use worldwide, allows enterprises to take advantage of the capabilities of RFID to track materials through demanding industrial processes and global air cargo operations. Intermec states the tag’s broadband antenna design provides superior performance on a wide range of materials, including metal, plastic and wood.

Gryphon D130 scanner

Datalogic has extended its series of handheld readers with the addition of the Gryphon D130 model, which has a longer reading distance compared to the company’s previous models. The Gryphon D130 is designed for document handling and point-of-sale applications, eliminating the need to pick up heavy goods and bring them closer to the barcode reader. It is available in two colours, dark grey and white, to respond to different application needs. Customers also receive a five-year warranty with each model.

RW 220

Zebra Technologies has released the RW 220, a rugged mobile thermal printer suitable for indoor and outdoor receipt printing and payment processing applications. Zebra also offers specialty paper designed to withstand hot and cold temperature extremes, resist sunlight and UV light, and stand up to outdoor conditions for use in the RW 220. The Zebra printer and supplies combination offers a complete solution for field service and route accounting operations, which require issuance of smaller receipts and on-demand documentation.

NTA-SB truck

The NTA-SB very narrow aisle truck, from Yale Material Handling, features an AC-powered engine and ergonomic controls. Available in 3000 and 3500 pound capacities, the man-up turret truck is designed for pallet handling and case picking. Service ability improvements include extended service intervals (1000 hours), maintenance-free AC motors and direct gear steering.

PMC/PAJ pallet

Airshop claims its air cargo pallets are the easiest to use in the business. They consist of a high-resistant aluminium plate (alloy 7075-T6 or 7021-T6) and four edge rails (alloy 7020-T6) with a continuous seat track according to MS 33601 A. The four edge rails are forming a frame around the plate. The plate and the edge rails are connected by high tensile aluminium forged corners and stainless steel rivets around the perimeter of the edge rail frame. Due to the non-welded construction, damaged edge rails are easy to replace.

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