Logsquare and Gebhardt celebrate new partnership

German materials handling expertise comes to the Middle East
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Local material-handling firm Logsquare and German giant Gebhardt are using the Materials Handling Middle East show in Dubai to showcase their new partnership, which they hope will bring massive benefits to the region.

"This show is the major show in this part of the world, and the big players need to be here to see what's happening in the marketplace," said Jacques Adem, executive director of Logsquare, who was speaking to

"Dubai has proved it has the power to execute the major projects," Adem added.

For Gebhardt, the presence of developments like Dubai Logistics City has been an extra incentive to enhance its market presence here.

"I met Michael Proffitt in Switzerland two years, and to be honest, some were a little sceptical about the promises to deliver on a project of that size," said William Hood, marketing communications manager at Gebhardt.

"Six months later, I came to see for myself and was then able to tell my chairman that the projects being undertaken here were not a vision but the reality," remarked Hood.

Both executives have strong hopes for the logistics industry in this part of the world, with Hood also claiming that he was seeing some strong positive signs already that the market was picking up.

"The potential here has definitely been greater even than we had anticipated, and the network that Logsquare has given us has exceeded our expectations," the Gebhardt executive added.

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