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Al-Ajneha chairman and CEO Basel Arrar talks to Aviation Business.


Al-Ajneha chairman and CEO Basel Arrar

What does your company offer?

The Al-Ajneha group of companies will be a one-stop-shop for business jet owners and operators in the Middle East.

The executive jet operations and support division will feature its own fleet of  private jets and will also provide technical and management support to private jet owners.

The financing and leasing division will offer a full range of solutions, while the fixed base operations (FBO) unit will focus on developing and managing FBO services. We will also have a separate unit dedicated to exploring opportunities to develop private jet facilities at existing airports.

Why is there a lack of support service providers in the region?

Over the years, as the business aviation industry in the region began to develop, a number of companies were set up to provide operations support.

But these service offerings were largely fragmented and private jet operators had to shop around. However, we believe that the market has now reached the stage where it requires a one-stop-shop where private jet owners and operators have access to a complete range of jet services under one umbrella.         

Can you outline immediate plans you have for expanding your business across the Middle East?

Our immediate priorities include firming up partnerships with our technical support providers and integrating these services in a cohesive manner that reflects our business model. We are also looking at opportunities to develop fixed base operations (FBO) across the region. 

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