Online Exclusive: John Gould, CEO Agility KSA

A closer look at Agility's latest warehouse, based in Riyadh.
John Gould says Agility's Jeddah and Dammam complexes should be ready in 2011.
John Gould says Agility's Jeddah and Dammam complexes should be ready in 2011.


John Gould, CEO - Saudi Arabia, Agility, outlines the benefits of his recently launched warehouse in the Kingdom's capital, Riyadh.

What are the specific features of this warehouse?
Offering over 50,000 pallet locations, Agility’s new state-of-the-art Riyadh warehouse will complement the growing volume of cargo handled in the region. Twenty thousand square metres of the warehouse is allocated for storing dry materials while an equivalent area will be dedicated to cold storage, with controlled temperature environments that range from -25 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius.

The facility’s features and specifications include super flat floor with roof temperature insulation, external wall temperature insulation (75mm), cold stores roof insulation (14cm) and cold stores walls insulation (17cm).

The complex offers a full range of warehousing facilities with automatic and manual sorting equipment, enabling efficient operations through peak line-haul arrival and departure periods and earlier on-road departure times. Investment for growth in high-technology depot facilities and IT service support continues to give Agility the edge.

What sort of WMS are you using?
We are using the Exceed warehouse management system at the facility that along with Agility’s expertise in logistics solutions enables increased inventory control, lower cost and improved productivity for our clients.

And what new logistics tools will your clients be able to use?
Agility’s logistics tools at the warehouse also offer a broad range of functions: exception management, configurable reports, document management, inventory and order management and electronic data interchange.

What sort of material handling equipment are you deploying at the facility?
•    Reach Truck – Electrical (Model BT RR E7 Reflex)
•    Reach Truck for Cold stores- Electrical (Model BT RR E7C Reflex)
•    Counter Balance Truck (Model C4E200)
•    Order Picking Truck (Model BT OP1000 HSE)
•    VNA Combi Truck for Cold Store (Model BT VCE 150AC Vector)
•    Pedestrian Pallet Truck Electrical (Model BT LPE 200)
•    Hand Pallet Truck (Model BT L23 U/12

Are you finding it tough to recruit the right staff to work in locations such as this, despite the downturn? 
At full capacity, an approximate 350 staff are coordinated to run the warehouse. We have heavily invested in turning them to experts in warehousing and distribution, trained them on the implementation of our advanced systems and technology, as well as the Value Added Services to ensure they meet the customers’ precise goals and requirements.

Can you give a timeline for the opening of other Agility facilities in the region, particularly the warehouses in Jeddah and Dammam?
We have a plan to establish a network of warehousing facilities and transportation assets across the region that are capable of offering local, regional, and global solutions. To be able to do so, we are establishing additional warehouses in Dammam and Jeddah to provide full range of custom supply chain solutions.

While the Jeddah facility will consist of a warehousing and distribution complex consisting of a 20,000m² air conditioned warehouse, a 20,000m² freezer and chiller storage and over 100,000m² of open yard, the Dammam facility will include a 10,000m² air conditioned warehouse, a 10,000m² freezer and chiller storage and over 100,000m² of open yard. Both these new facilities are expected to be operational in 2011.

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