Descartes underlines Cargo 2000 expertise

IT provider helps CEVA Logistics win compliance.
CEVA Logistics will benefit from Descartes' Cargo 2000 experience.
CEVA Logistics will benefit from Descartes' Cargo 2000 experience.


Logistics solutions major Descartes has announced that worldwide supply chain management firm CEVA Logistics has opted for the Descartes Cargo 2000 product to help it comply with the business processes required to win Cargo 2000 membership.

Cargo 2000 is a programme that ensures the quality of freight operations, reduces timings and costs, and enhances the reputation of the various components of the air cargo sector through measuring data and KPIs on a monthly basis to provide a recognised industry standard.

CEVA started by adding the Descartes Quality Monitor solution to monitor the content and delivery of its existing logistics messages, before adding the full Cargo 2000 solution. The supply chain giant has recently won a number of deals to expand its Middle East footprint. 

"CEVA is a long-time Descartes customer, and we are pleased that we could extend the value we deliver to them over our GLN to help them comply with Cargo 2000," said Scott Sangster, vice president, Global Logistics Network (GLN) at Descartes.

"Descartes enables our customers, like CEVA, to become Cargo 2000-certified and use the power of the GLN to improve the overall quality of the air cargo shipment process," Sangster added. 

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