Jordan's UGH connects to Agility

Partnership brings experience and expertise to start-up.
UGH vice president and CEO Emad Dahleh.
UGH vice president and CEO Emad Dahleh.


Shareholders at United Group Holdings (UGH), a Jordan-based umbrella firm launched last year to provide logistics and supply chain services in the Levant, have approved raising the company’s capital from US$70.6 million/shares to $198.9 million/shares by allocating 90 million shares to Agility as a strategic partner.

UGH chairman Haitham Dahleh told the firm’s general assembly of shareholders that the partnership with the Kuwaiti giant would accelerate the pace of growth and expansion in Jordan’s logistics sector.

It is also clear that a partner of Agility’s experience and expertise will help in UGH’s aim to create a huge logistics alliance in the Middle East.

“UGH will benefit from the expertise of Agility, and the logistics services offered by the company will witness a quality leap, brought about by highly professional and qualified personnel employing advanced equipment and technology,” said Emad Dahleh, CEO of UGH, speaking to the Jordan Times newspaper.

Established last year, UGH’s portfolio includes United Group Logistics, Jordan Vehicles Maintenance Company, Jordan Global Food Distribution Company, Flagship Food Trading Company, and MOREX International Trading.

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