Agility ploughs investment into Saudi

Kuwait firm spends US$200 million in Kingdom.
Agility chairman Tarek Sultan inaugurates the new Riyadh warehouse.
Agility chairman Tarek Sultan inaugurates the new Riyadh warehouse.


Agility has unveiled its latest warehouse project in Saudi Arabia, a 40,000-square-metre temperature-controlled facility in the capital, Riyadh. 

The move is part of the Kuwaiti firm’s US$200 million investment into Saudi Arabia, which has seen Agility buy up around two million square metres of real estate in various locations throughout the Kingdom.

The warehouse will serve Agility’s regional clients, including the dairy products, retail, medical and telecommunications industries, as well as international markets.

Offering over 50,000 pallet locations, the Riyadh warehouse – one of the largest in Saudi Arabia - offers 20,000 square metres for dry storage, with controlled temperature environments that range from -25 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius.

“The investment being made by Agility is strategically important both for the company and for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Elias Monem, CEO of Agility Middle East & Africa.

“We clearly believe that Saudi Arabia is an excellent place to do business and look forward to implementing our sophisticated supply chain initiatives in the region,” Monem added.

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