Agility transports emergency supplies to Iraq

Agility formed a recent partnership with IMC to transport a shipment of essential supplies to Iraq.
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Agility formed a recent partnership with International Medical Corps (IMC) to transport a shipment of essential supplies and equipment to Iraq.

The cargo, which consisted of 47 pallets in total, was trucked to IMC’s central warehousing facility near Sadr City, one of the poorest and most volatile neighbourhoods in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

“Agility quickly responded to our requirements and clearly understood the magnitude of the task at hand,” said Rabih Torbay, IMC’s vice president of international operations.

“By employing their logistics expertise and regional know-how, Agility supported us in an emergency response effort that saved, and will continue to save, many lives,” he added.

More than 10,000 people were expected to benefit from the transported equipment, which included food pumps, resuscitation units, incubators, ultrasound machines, syringes, surgical gloves and wheel chairs.

“Agility is proud to be associated with the mission to replenish the necessary medical supplies at all the district’s hospitals and we will continue to work with International Medical Corps on life-saving operations,” said Mariam Al-Foudery, vice president of corporate social responsibility at Agility.

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