Nominations now open for Logistics Middle East Awards 2018

Nominations are now open for the 2018 edition of the Logistics Middle East Awards, the biggest awards ceremony for the logistics and supply chain sector in the region.
Last year's winners at the Logistics Middle East Awards 2017.
Last year's winners at the Logistics Middle East Awards 2017.


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ITP Media Group, the publisher of Logistics Middle East and has announced that nominations are now open for the 2018 edition of the Logistics Middle East Awards, the biggest awards ceremony for the logistics and supply chain sector in the region.

The awards were re-branded last year as the Logistics Middle East Awards to reflect the changing nature of the logistics sector in the GCC. Previously, the awards were held as the Supply Chain and Transport Awards (SCATAs).

The SCATAs were first held in 2007 and since then have become an industry gold standard for the recognition of best practise, innovation and efficiency in the regional logistics industry.

“During the eleven years that the awards have been held the industry has also evolved significantly, with the establishment of specialist 3PLs, technology providers and freight forwarders serving growing niches and specific sectors within the wider GCC economy,” says Shaun Ebelthite, editor of Logistics Middle East magazine, which hosts the awards.

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“The Logistics Middle East Awards therefore have a much sharper focus on the companies and individuals working for logistics and transport companies in the Middle East with a host of new categories.”

The Logistics Middle East Awards will be held in April 2018 and will give the region’s logistics sector a platform to recognise the best industry achievements from the past twelve months in specific sectors of the economy from FMCG through to automotive logistics.

The categories for this year’s awards

Express Logistics Company of the Year

Awarded to the service provider that has delivered a portfolio of market-leading solutions within the Middle East’s express logistics sector over the past 12 months. Companies are asked to provide evidence of exceptional performance in the field of express logistics, including network coverage, volumes transported, customer service, world-class facilities and a broad range of delivery options. Examples of market innovation and regional investment will be taken into account.

Corporate Social Responsibility of the Year

Awarded to the organisation that has taken responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, employees, shareholders, communities and the environment in all aspects of their operations.

Technology Implementation of the Year

Logistics relies on technology, automation and equipment, this award recognises the companies deploying the advanced software and hardware solutions that make seamless warehouse and fleet management possible.

Supply Chain Hub of the Year

This year we have consolidated Port of the Year and Logistics Hub of the Year into one category recognising the contribution of the Middle East’s various ports and freezones in providing a convenient base in terms of services and regulation from which logistics giants are able to operate. This award recognises the ports and freezones going the extra mile in facilitating business start-up and operation.

FMCG Supply Chain Manager of the Year

The Middle East imports more than 80% of its food, as such as the food and beverage sector is the largest in the logistics industry, while fast moving consumer goods as a whole make up the bulk of imported cargo. This category recognises the end-users, such as super markets, and the 3PLs, that operate seamless supply chains to get fresh produce into the region year-round. Entries will be judged not on scope of operations, but on the procedures, training and technology deployed to ensure a safe and efficient cold chain.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Manager of the Year

The pharmaceutical sector is booming in the Middle East market, with major companies from air freight providers to pharmacy chains playing a key role in ensuring that world-class medicines remain available year-round in the Middle East. This category will recognise those companies, as well as their partners who are deploying new technology, hardware and procedures to ensure world-class compliance and quality in the transport of these sensitive goods.

Manufacturing Supply Chain Manager of the Year

Manufacturing and mining are dominant economic sectors thanks to the GCC’s push to diversify its economy. Every manufacturer faces challenges in getting their product to market, this category is for those logistics companies and manufacturers that are doing it better than anyone else in terms of efficiency and innovation.

Retail Supply Chain Manager of the Year

Many of the biggest names in retail in the region are home-grown while others are aggressively expanding in the region. They have particular challenges associated with getting bulky and odd-sized products, as well as time sensitive fashion trends to market and this category will recognise those that are finding new ways to increase speed to market, while limiting costs.

Energy Supply Chain Manager of the Year

Oil and gas logistics and chemical logistics remain the backbone of the economy in the Middle East. This category will recognise the feat associated with transporting and storing volatile cargo in bulk and is open to oil majors and oil and gas logistics partners. This award is more concerned with innovation and commitment to excellence than total volume or market share.

Project Logistics Manager of the Year

The construction, oil and gas, shipbuilding, utilities sectors and others require ad-hoc shipments of awkward cargoes year-round, from generators and cranes to pipe racking and heavy machinery. Factories also frequently require their entire production facility to be moved from one location to another, this category recognises the logistics leaders that make that happen.

Automotive Supply Chain Manager of the Year

The vast majority of cars and commercial vehicles imported into the region arrive in a turnkey state, but some automotive 3PLs do offer assembly and detailing added-value services, while some automotive dealers prefer to handle the entire process in-house. Both are faced with the immense challenge of moving large, expensive units of cargo fast and with a damage rate that remains below 1%. This award recognises those companies committed to enhancing the standards of this sector.

E-commerce Supply Chain Manager of the Year

E-commerce logistics is perhaps the most challenging sector of the entire industry from a technical and operational perspective. Most e-commerce 3PLs deal with a number of SKUs exponentially disproportional to the total amount of stock, and are required to conduct picking, sorting, and delivery faster than any other vertical. While e-commerce retailers are growing in number in the region, along with their 3PL specialist partners, this category seeks to find the early leaders in this growing market.

Luxury Supply Chain Manager of the Year

The UAE is the only country in the world with a gold vending machine, and gold and diamonds are the top import by value at an average AED37-billion per year. This constitutes just 200 tons of cargo. In addition, the GCC is home to some of the biggest watch and jewellery distributors in the world, while major French and Italian high-end fashion houses are opening offices in the region. This category will recognise those retailers and 3PLs who best understand the risks and complexities involved in the transport of extremely valuable cargo.

Bespoke Logistics Project of the Year

This award recognises those one-off, unique projects that do not fall neatly into any of the categories above, whether it be moving several tons of flowers via the Middle East in a zeppelin or flying six dozen falcons aboard a chartered airliner. 3PLs and end-users that have organised or handled the logistics for such projects, or major events from the Dubai Boat Show or the Abu Dhabi F1 to the Dubai World Cup are welcome to enter.

For more information and to nominate or book seats at the event, please visit the official website of the Middle East Logistics Awards 2017 (

Why you should get involved

The Logistics Middle East Awards will bring together leading industry executives from across the Middle East. As well as accessing unique networking opportunities, sponsors are able to benefit from unmatched brand exposure before, during and after the awards. Awards sponsorship provides exposure over several months both in print and through our various online and social media platforms.

There are tailor made sponsorship packages available to suit all budgets, giving sponsors branding opportunities and visibility as a key supporter of the industry and its community. The opportunity to build new relationships with nominees, award winners and industry experts is not to be missed.

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