Two new food supply chain exhibitions announced in Dubai

Two new food supply chain exhibitions, IPACK-IMA and MEAT-TECH, have been announced in Dubai by Cavanna Group, to be held under the Innovation Alliance banner.
Riccardo Cavanna, CEO of Cavanna Group.
Riccardo Cavanna, CEO of Cavanna Group.


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Two new food supply chain exhibitions, IPACK-IMA and MEAT-TECH, have been announced in Dubai by Cavanna Group, to be held under the Innovation Alliance banner.

Although the event will be held in Fiera Milano, Italy from 29 May to 1 June 2018, Dubai was chosen as the location for the announcement due to the global geostrategic significance of the UAE logistics sector, according to Riccardo Cavanna, CEO of Cavanna Group.

“The food processing and the packaging industries represent two strategic sectors in the GCC economy that are witnessing a continuous expansion,” Cavanna said in a statement. “While food manufacturing units have been growing at an annualized average of 5.2% between 2010 and 2014.”

According to Alpen Capital, the packaging industry in the region is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 5.2% up to 2019, with Saudi Arabia and the UAE leading the regional path.

“Efficiency and competitiveness are key elements to assure that these sectors will continue to represent pillars of the UAE economic diversification away from oil,” Cavanna adds. “The acquisition of advanced and innovative technology is critical to maintain the current growing path and competitive edge of such strategic industries in the country.”

This is the reason why he says IPACK-IMA and MEAT-TECH are the most appealing shows for the business community in the Middle East.

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More than 800 Italian and international companies have confirmed their presence next year at the exhibition for the processing & packaging industry.

With one year still to go before the show begins, more than 80% of the available exhibition space has now been booked. The participating companies reflect the multi-sectoral nature of the show.

Well over half of the companies taking part will exhibit technological innovations for the agri-food sector.

Companies belonging to the Pasta, Bakery & Milling business community make up 22% of the exhibitors, confirming IPACK-IMA’s role as one of the world’s most important events for this industrial sector.

Companies operating in the confectionary segment will also be well represented (13% of the total), as will those in other food industry sectors, particularly the Fresh & Convenience segment which accounts for a further 25% of registered companies.

There will also be a strong presence of companies operating in the beverage segment and in the sector of Liquid Filling solutions in general (10%), the latter catering both for the food & beverage segment and for the “non-food” business communities of chemicals and cosmetics (20% of the total).

A further 10% of companies operate in Industrial & Durable Goods packaging segment, which includes applications ranging from automotive to fashion and from furnishing to construction.

The show will also bring together companies operating in the various transversal sectors, including labelling, tracking, coding and marking. These companies will showcase state-of-the-art solutions for a variety of applications ranging from food security to mass production and anti-falsification, as well as innovative materials, secondary packaging and end-of-line solutions.

There will also be a strongly representative selection of companies at MEAT-TECH, the only Italian show devoted to the meat industry, where the market leaders will be showcasing their latest innovations in terms of process, packaging, preservation and refrigeration technologies, along with a wide range of ingredients, spices and additives for meat processing.

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