CASE STUDY: Century Express digitises operations with FarEye

Middle East Logistics giant, Century Express digitised its logistics operations with FarEye’s mobility solution.
Applying FarEye’s cutting-edge technology lead to a shorter delivery cycle across last mile and first-mile delivery, real-time collaboration between the delivery force and the operational managers and they gained visibility and insights into the logistics operations.
Applying FarEye’s cutting-edge technology lead to a shorter delivery cycle across last mile and first-mile delivery, real-time collaboration between the delivery force and the operational managers and they gained visibility and insights into the logistics operations.


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Century Express’ partnership with FarEye’s mobility solution helped the company reduce the admin work, increase first time delivery attempts and reduce carbon footprints, according to a case study shared exclusively with Arabian Supply

Century Express was looking for the right technology partner to provide frictionless customer experience by automating its logistics operations. They turned to FarEye, a leading global logistics management solution to digitise their operations and enhance the customer experience.

The solution helped Century Express in shortening the delivery cycle by reducing paper usage, gaining visibility into the operations and driving employee productivity. Najeeb M. Kabeer, managing director of Century Express, says this initial partnership is the first step in a broader collaboration.

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“We have chosen FarEye as a partner-of our-choice in order to quicken the turnaround response and enable collaboration with the delivery personnel, all in real-time,” he explains. “In future, we wish to strengthen our relationship in terms of technology to add more value to our service customer’s satisfaction.”

Century Express needed a flexible, scalable and future-oriented solution as they were facing a lack of real time visibility into the logistics operations, excessive usage of paper which resulted in heavier carbon footprints and a gap in customer experience.

Applying FarEye’s cutting-edge technology lead to a shorter delivery cycle across last mile and first-mile delivery, real-time collaboration between the delivery force and the operational managers and they gained visibility and insights into the logistics operations.

The result is an increase in shipments of more than 500k and growth of 20K shipments per month. In addition, Century Express has seen an overall 10% increase in first-time delivery attempts.

Century Express has been providing flexible courier services to its customers in the Middle East, but once the merchant or end customer places a request the operational manager assigns the order to respective delivery personnel.

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This was done manually over the years, and it was too time-consuming and cumbersome. Spending hours in generating run-sheets and cash reconciliation reports, hampered the productivity and also increased carbon footprints because of excess paper utilisation.

Once the delivery personnel went on the field for delivery, the operational manager had no visibility about the movement of delivery personnel and the status updates. One important factor, that was important for Century Express was to enhance their customers’ experience.  Century Express knew that their organisation had the potential to gain top line revenue, but they needed to elevate the level of support they provided to their customers and deliver superior customer experience.

To keep pace with the technological advancements, and keeping view of the operational challenges involved in day-to-day operations, the management at Century Express opted to ‘go digital’.

Making a move to make the logistics ‘smarter’ is challenging for any business. Century Express knew that finding the right partner that could fuel their day-to-day operations could help them in increasing the efficiency and the effectiveness of the operations. Simplifying the complex logistics processes that were cumbersome as well as involved too much manual and paperwork was something that Century Express was aiming at.

Century Express was scouting for a cloud and mobility solution that could integrate well with the existing processes, provide real-time collaboration between the processes as well as add visibility to the field operations through simplifying and streamline the operations.

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“We were looking for a partner that could speed up the deliveries and provide real-time visibility to the operations with excellent support system,” says Kabeer.

To better address the challenges and to increase its productivity, Century Express was looking for a flexible, scalable and a future-oriented solution that could integrate well with the processes and provide convenient logistics.

Century Express had its own set of unique requirements and no stand-alone solution could cater to all of their business requirements. Century Express had to be well equipped with the right resources and technology in order to stay relevant and keep up with the customers’ demands.

Keeping the needs of Century Express in view, and in order to reduce its operational costs involved in delivering the superior customer experience, FarEye offered Century Express its world’s first Business Process Management Engine which is a data-driven technology platform built to enable Smart Logistics.

FarEye’s configurable platform integrates with the existing processes of Century Express, as soon as a runsheet is generated eliminating the admin work involved, and the list gets populated onto the mobile phones of the delivery personnel.

Through machine-learning algorithms and advanced routing techniques, FarEye designs the routing for the day for the delivery personnel. FarEye helped in automating the mundane and time-consuming processes and increased the effectiveness of the processes.

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Leveraging FarEye’s mobility platform and intelligent dashboard, helped Century Express to gain visibility and get a 360-degree view of the logistics operations. FarEye was a clear winner and a partner-of-choice for us because it helped us in speeding up deliveries with real-time visibility to the management along with excellent support System.

Another part of the solution that helped Century Express was the facility to maintain call logs to review activity of the biker. FarEye has given the attention to detail to review activity of the biker. There are built-in tools that we analyze the movement of each biker. Century Express has realized that FarEye’s flexible, scalable and future-oriented solution is easily integrable and has supported their vision of providing 360-degree visibility to the customer.

With FarEye, Century Express can now easily track and trace the biker’s movement as well as get complete visibility of the operations.

At any point in time, they are able to get the real-time visibility of the last mile deliveries and have a view of what is happening at the customer end as well.

Also, it helped in automating and speeding up the processes which resulted in an increase in 500,000+ shipments post the deployment with an average of 20,000 shipments per month.

By eliminating the paperwork, Century Express is able to reduce its carbon footprints.

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After the deployment, Century Express, has seen productivity gains and tremendous business results.  The Web platform empowered the managers with tools for higher efficiency like efficient route optimization, live tracking and predictive delay calculation while the mobile application empowered the delivery agents to pick and deliver seamlessly with real-time updates to the customer as well as the manager.

By getting in front of the issues and planning well in advance with the help of anticipatory analytics tool that’s built in the product console, Century Express has seen a 10% increase in the first-time delivery rates. Most importantly, the customer was getting much better service than ever before, with speeding up of deliveries.

FarEye’s BPM engine is enabling First Mile Pick-up and Last Mile delivery for Century Express to make their logistic processes ‘smarter’ with ‘cloud’ and be ready for Industry 4.0.

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