Patchi UAE first in DIP to get Halal certification

Patchi UAE has become the first company in Dubai Industrial Park to receive Halal Certification from Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA).
Oussama Choucair, CEO of Patchi UAE.
Oussama Choucair, CEO of Patchi UAE.


Dubai Industrial Park, a designated district within Dubai Wholesale City, and one of the largest industrial hubs in Dubai, has announced that Patchi LLC, the chocolate manufacturer located at Dubai Industrial Park, has received a Halal certification from the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA).

The accreditation makes the luxury chocolate brand the first chocolatier in the UAE to become halal certified, and the first halal certified manufacturer at Dubai Industrial Park. The certification extends to the company’s entire supply chain and logistics operation.

The Halal Mark is an official acknowledgment by ESMA, that a product has been produced in compliance with sharia values.

Patchi received the certification after successfully fulfilling ESMA’s stringent regulations that include implementing rigorous and necessary standards in overall procedures as well as with regard to the materials used.

“We are proud to have contributed to the burgeoning Halal industry with this achievement,” said Oussama Choucair, CEO of Patchi UAE. “As pioneers in our field, we are committed to implementing processes that support national objectives and adhere to ethical foundations – this in a nutshell is what Islamic economy represents.”

Saud Abu Al-Shawareb, chief operating officer of Dubai Industrial Park, added: “At Dubai Industrial Park, quality is the cornerstone of our work ethos and operational philosophy, and is aligned with the Government’s vision for Dubai to emerge as the Capital of Islamic Economy. We are committed to working synergistically with our business partners and key stakeholders to contribute proactively in achieving this vision.”

He added: “We congratulate Patchi on becoming the first company within our Halal cluster to receive the ESMA Halal certificate. This is indeed a great start, and we are confident that such achievements will inspire other companies to step up efforts towards acquiring this important accreditation.”

Patchi opened its first boutique in the UAE 33 years ago, and has been committed to innovation and to the adherence of strict quality standards ever since. The luxury brand embodies exquisite taste that combines natural flavours with zero preservatives.

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